1. What is ONLINE Access?

    A service offered by J Chester & Associates, Inc in which we host your QuickBooks data on our server allowing you to access your company's QuickBooks file 24 hours a day 7 days a week from your computer. All you need is an RDP link and internet access. J Chester & Associates, Inc purchases, updates and maintains the software, backs up and maintains a secure environment for your QuickBooks data.

  2. Do I need to use other J Chester & Associates, Inc services to have ONLINE Access?

    Yes, you will need to engage us in other services such as bookkeeping, payroll or tax returns. We want to ensure the highest level of security and service so ONLINE Access is just for clients of J Chester & Associates, Inc.

  3. How does J Chester & Associates, Inc ONLINE Access differ from QuickBooks Online?

    QB Online, offered through Intuit, is a scaled down version of the widely used software. If you have used QB in the past, using QB online will require some additional learning. Intuit only offers technical support. When you call Intuit for support you talk to someone that you don’t know from an undisclosed location. J Chester & Associates, Inc ONLINE Access uses a full version of QB (Currently QB2016) and if you are in a specialized industry, you can have access to QB’s versions, such as contractor’s edition. When you call for technical support or bookkeeping questions, you are talking to your regular bookkeeper.

  4. I have QB on my computer and back up regularly, why do I need ONLINE Access?

    J Chester & Associates, Inc employs dual backup system so your data is always protected. Even with automated or offsite backup’s, sometimes backup’s fail. If your computer crashes, even if you have a backup of your data, you may still need to repurchase software to restore the data. If that data is stored offsite, you will need to login to that site to download. Do you know or remember the password? What if the last backup you did was 4 days ago? Do you have time to re-enter the lost data? You have to do this while still maintaining your business. With ONLINE Access, you purchase a new computer and then have J Chester & Associates, Inc resend the RDP file. You are back in your QB file immediately with no lost data.

  5. Instead of ONLINE Access, why can't J Chester & Associates, Inc just log into my computer and work on my QB?

    When we log into a computer, we take over the workstation and no one else can use it. This also requires someone to be there to allow us to access the QB file. You may also be subject to higher fees given the speed of the internet and our time to do the work. Most small businesses may not have an extra computer lying around.

  6. Why can't I just send over an Accountant's Copy of my QB file which will allow me to continue working and you can send back a corrected file?

    Our experience with this function is highly volatile. Most often the file sent to you is unable to import. This seems to be directly related to the amount of changes we have made. Also, this is a precise function and some clients have difficulty preparing and sending the file to us. Usually, we end up having to redo the work on the QB file sent by the client during which time the client is unable to work on the file.

  7. I have several employees or I am planning on adding employees, is ONLINE Access expandable?

    Yes, you can add as many users as you wish though there is a limit on the amount of users that can access your QB company at one time. This limit of 5 users is set by QuickBooks, not J Chester & Associates, Inc. So with ONLINE Access, we can be your virtual network for bookkeeping, tax and payroll. You can scale your network to meet your needs.

  8. What are the fees for ONLINE Access?

    You pay a monthly access fee of $65 + tax. For each additional user, the cost is $15 + tax. That is it. We take care of the rest. There are no long-term contracts. You can cancel with 30 days' notice. Your monthly fee is automatically charged to your credit card or drafted from your bank account.

  9. What if I am on ONLINE Access and wish to discontinue?

    No problem. We just create a backup of your QB file and send it to you. You just purchase you own version of QB and restore. That is the simplicity of our service.

  10. I use Enterprises Edition, can I use ONLINE Access?

    No, currently we are not offering this service for Enterprise users.

  11. I use a MAC, can I use ONLINE Access?

    Yes, our service is compatible with Apple computers.

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